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Vitamindrip® _IV BAG_ HYDRATION.png



Duration: 45 Minutes

VITAMINDRIP® "HYDRATION" is a functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins before, during and after all life draining activities. With daily bodily fluid loss we lose electrolytes and vitamins by sweating, though saliva urination and other bodily fluids. 

In cases of dehydration it means your body loses more fluids than you take in. If it's not treated, it can get worse and become a serious problem. Busy lifestyle may mean you are not taking in adequate amounts of fluid or certain conditions that may cause vomiting or diarrhea leading to inadequate fluid intake. 

What's Inside:

Vitamin C + B1 + B2 + B3 + B5 +B6 + Magnesium + Sodium + Calcium + Chloride + Water

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